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In a world where access to anything and everything has become so simple, the hassle and confusion of buying tickets online, the fees and the overall experience definitely needed improvement. So we set out to do that. And we did.

Ticketera is a state-of-the art, user friendly and reliable ticketing solution, that meets the highest US standards in industry legal, accounting and infrastructure processes.

A complete experience

Ticketera enhances an event’s experience before your customers arrive at the venue, by creating a unique and memorable experience through a combination of service, technology, innovation and marketing (STIM).


Ticketera is a full service ticketing experience. We take care of every step: from the tedious prep work and spreading the word, to running your box office and making the final financial settlement.


Our cutting edge technology is developed for the Cloud providing an infinite capacity for growth and integration, while complying with the strictest security standards. We provide the most advanced reporting tools for inventory management, accurate seat maps, reports and analytics, among others.


At Ticketera, innovation is at our core. Your customers can print their tickets or present their QR codes on their mobile phones.


It’s our responsibility to sell as many tickets as possible, so we’ll make significant investments in marketing and promoting your event in our digital channels. It's all part of a team effort.
Now you know Ticketera - the perfect partner for your event.